Is Your Roof Damaged?

Is Your Roof Damaged?Determining if your roof is damaged is more difficult than you think. Sometimes you'll find shingles in your yard after one of our many Colorado Springs wind storms. Sometimes you can see dented, torn or dinged shingles from ground level. And, sometimes you even experience water stains in your home from a leaking roof. Those are all the easy ones. Call ProTeam Roofing and we can get those problems repaired fast.

The trickier instances are no less common. Hail is a leading cause of roof damage in Southern Colorado. Hail can sometimes be a sneaky enemy of your roof. Hailstorms can sometimes seem innocent. Pea sized hail wouldn't seem to be a problem for most roofs, but often mixed with that small hailstone are sporadic larger stones that can damage the sealing integrity of your roof. You have to keep in mind that the damage need not be a gaping hole in your roof. The true damage may only be a breach in the outer sealing layer of your shingles. That almost invisible ding can allow water to penetrate the exterior shingle layer and begin spreading under the shingle to the felt and eventually to the wood roof deck. The potential for expensive damage begins with that one simple breach.

So what should you do?
If you suspect your roof may be damaged, call ProTeam Roofing of Colorado Springs. We'll come out and do a free inspection and estimate. We'll inspect your roof thoroughly from end to end and we can also help you determine if we think your damage is worthy of an insurance claim. Of course, your insurance adjuster will make the final call, but we have the experience to know most often what will qualify and what will not.

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